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Continued and growing access to reliable and affordable global power, food, water and transportation for an increasing population requires critical national infrastructure. These systems are in dire need of expansion, repair and upgrade. To accomplish this critical investments are needed to fund capacity expansion, pay for repairs of existing systems, and finance new technologies that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure assets and systems. This will not be an easy job, as three challenges must be met. Third party capital needs to be specifically available and matched to solutions. Technologies that have been demonstrated in testing need to be financed and escorted into the field. Finally, new capital formation needed to expand system capacity must be undertaken in a manner that meets global demands of not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Onset Capital seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors through investing in technology-enabled companies and projects that provide superior project economics in infrastructure sectors that require massive amounts of new capital formation (Impact Investing). Onset invests in exceptional entrepreneurs commercializing technologies for existing infrastructure sectors – technologies that reimagine existing industries and infrastructure in a more efficient, connected and economic manner. This allows Onset to capitalize on evolving market conditions with innovative investment and market strategies.

Onset realizes enhanced benefits by aligning impact investments via three strategic drivers: 1) Generate above market risk-adjusted returns by investing in technologies that are backed by real assets, generate cash income and appreciate in value. 2) Focus on solutions that affect regional economic growth via the creation of jobs and other services. 3) Reduce the global warming and environmental impact of the industries addressed.