Onset Capital’s goal is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors utilizing an asset investment approach that capitalizes on market conditions in the infrastructure sector; seek new innovative technologies that will drive efficiencies and effectiveness of infrastructure assets; and advance innovative investment strategies that take advantage of those conditions. Onset focuses on sectors of National Importance, including infrastructure investments in clean energy, transportation, energy efficiency, waste remediation, water and communications. Investments also seek to mitigate climate change, conserve natural resources, increase sustainable agriculture, and enable greater quality job creation.

  • Electricity: Deliver and store reliable, affordable zero-carbon electricity.
  • Transportation: Repair and build out existing airports, roads, bridges and mass transit systems and support new more efficient systems.
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Manufacturing: Reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in the use of energy and the level of emissions from homes, offices, hospitals, and schools.
  • Waste Management: Reduce landfill, emissions and water system contamination.
  • Water: Develop and expand new sources of clean water supply, remediate degraded existing water supplies, and transport more efficiently.

Key factors in Onset Capital’s capacity to access opportunities that generate premium returns for investors include:

  • Onset’s focus on situations where aging infrastructure assets are inadequate to meet current and growing demands;
  • Onset’s focus on identifying companies that can provide critical technology advancements that can be rapidly introduced into the market and enable new infrastructure development to be achieved in a more efficient, low-cost way;
  • Onset’s focus on investing in early stage companies that are ready to deploy new technologies and on early phases of the project life-cycle, including project opportunities in the development, construction and commissioning phases;
  • Onset’s general focus on the small project opportunities rather than large infrastructure development.