RePower Capital Inc.   www.repowercapital.com

Repower Capital 2

Project Finance, Reinvented

Repower Capital is a project financing platform that streamlines renewable energy capital raising by analyzing, scoring, and matching projects with billions of dollars of profiled capital sources. We help developers access potential project finance sources by enabling institutional investors to quickly and confidentially assess vetted projects, and access our transparent financial models, detailed analyst notes, and structured data room.


Oceanus Power and Water   www.oceanus.pw

Global, Zero Emissions Solutions for Energy and Water Security

Oceanus Power and Water, LLC is an impact infrastructure development company that develops saltwater facilities for energy storage services and clean water production. Clean water and clean power are increasingly becoming two of the most critical environmental, social and political issues of the 21st century, due to the relentless effects of population growth and climate change. Oceanus provides a solution.


MIH Water Technologies Inc   www.mihwater.com

MIH Water 2

Solving Water Pollutants Biologically

MIH Water Treatment: At the nexus of cutting edge technology, environmental stewardship and increasing water reliability throughout the nation.


Infrastructure Technologies LLC   www.itlrepair.com

ITL new

Technologies for repair, retrofit and improvement of pipe and other infrastructure

ITL has advanced material solutions for: cured in place pipe, nuclear industrial applications, potable water storage and conveyance, and seawall repairs.


GeoGenCo, LLC   www.geogenco.com


Unique closed loop, non-polluting, non-seismic stimulating no Brine flow waste heat recovery geothermal power plant.


PATHION   www.pathion.com


Advanced Energy Storage Systems

PATHION Inc. manufactures, markets, and sells high-performance, safe, and reliable Energy Storage Systems featuring modular storage platforms with integrated advanced lithium-ion batteries ranging from 86 kilowatt-hours in a stand-alone configuration to over 1 megawatt-hour in a containerized unit.


FullCycle Bioplastics, LLC   www.fullcyclebioplastics.com


Full Cycle tackles plastic pollution and climate change by transforming organic matter into a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics

Full Cycle’s technology turns organic and cellulosic waste into a bioplastic called PHA. PHA replaces many petroleum-based plastics, yet harmlessly degrades in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

This creates an attractive closed-loop solution for global corporations, particularly in consumer goods, who can convert their own waste into PHA for use in their supply chain or products at retail.


Floating Solar Solutions, LLC   www.floatingsolarsolutions.net

Floating Solar

Solving water storage and onsite renewable energy

The Floating PV Solar System utilizes a previously unused asset, the water surface, to generate clean power during peak hours.