Onset invests in technologies that bring efficiency, sustainability, and economic growth to the infrastructure market. Onset Capital’s founders have extensive track records in corporate and project development, and networks in the industries we are pursuing that allow us to advance strategies that create a competitive advantage. This includes a focus on energy, utilities, oil and gas, social infrastructure, transportation and communications sectors. Onset Capital utilizes this network to identify and screen the most promising investment opportunities and participate in the development stage of these breakthrough technologies that scale to solve energy, environmental, infrastructure and utility product and service challenges. We seek to invest both at the corporate level but as well at the project level when the technologies are deployed.

Onset Capital was established with the objective of funding early stage companies that are ready to commercialize technologies and solutions that have been successfully demonstrated. In addition, Onset is focused on providing capital during the early project life stages: development, construction and commissioning of technology advantaged projects.

Onset’s management team seeks to ensure the protection of its asset value by both investing in real assets and engaging in qualified risk management mitigation strategies during project development.

Finally, Onset can recapitalize portfolios of deployed technologies once commissioned combined with insured portfolio risk mitigation providing additional economic benefit to investors.

We stay actively involved in our investment by assisting and advising with operations, business development, recruiting and financing.